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       5 most important aspects of our lives driven by technology
         Posted on :09:45:16 Mar 20, 2018
       Last edited on:09:45:16 Mar 20, 2018
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NEW DELHI: We're living on 'click of a button.' There is no doubt that technology has greatly impacted our lives and it will grow more in coming years. It has made our lives easier, opened a sea of opportunities with best options to pick and choose and subsequently introducing us to the world beyond.
Here are 5 most important parts of our lives which are driven by the technology in a massive way:
Food: Zomato : Features such as targeted push notifications, real-time information and menu management, and marketing tools help merchants s well s customers to seamlessly navigate the ancillary services Zomato offers, such as Online Ordering, Table Reservations, in-app Cashless payments, Loyalty programs and the upcoming Zomato Base (point of sales systems). Zomato has expanded its offering to include in-app Cashless Payments, Online Ordering, Table Reservations in more than 20 countries. It has become one of the essential mediums for Indians both for home delivery and dining reservation.
Travel: Goomo: With your hectic tiring schedule, taking a break to travel and unwind yourself is necessary. Goomo - India's leading omni-channel travel-tech company makes your travel planning hassle free. With just a click you can book a wide range of budget holidays packages available on Goomo. So, if you want to holiday with your friends or family or even alone book it all in just a scroll.
Healthcare: We no more look for the best doctors or hospitals, we search online or through Apps, and get information about healthcare facilities, doctor details even insurance details with just 'A click.' This revolution in healthcare industry thanks to the Algorithms, has brought transparency and helping customers to take an informed decision. EasyBuyHealth is one of India's most comprehensive online healthcare services aggregators and is a pioneer in its domain. The one-stop marketplace for a wide assortment of preventive healthcare services works on the three core principles of Simplification, Transparency, and Affordability. This platform has effectively removed the complexity of hospitalization for elective and recurring surgeries. Through this platform, customers can have managed to remove the ambiguity of health care and health insurance for both corporate and individuals.
Tutors - Education: Bringing the best in a child is often related to having with best tutors. Without the intervention of a human touch, technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) merely remains an automated machine. For a child, learning only through digital means doesn't help as much guidance or mentor can do. Genext Students thus created such a platform where the three important stakeholders of the ecosystem can remain in-line. Through the AI, machine learning and algorithms, parents are putting forward their specifications to reach out their preferred choice of tutors. Through the machine learning, it can also suggest a solution and develop a session plan between the students and the tutors through customized and personalized assessments and evaluation. Technology helps parents to monitor a child progress by simply login to the apps. Plus, machine learning and algorithms help in devising a different strategy for different pupils. Based on that the outcome can be better measured and tutoring can be further adapted, instead of simply following the traditional teaching approach common for all students. Through these platforms, young students who are perusing higher studies or retired teachers are also joining the tutoring bandwagon by getting connected based on their own comfort and conveniences. These platforms are helping in eliminating the huge gap between the students and quality teachers in India.
Payment: While traveling is a good idea to unwind yourself, you may also get short on money, Don't fret people, to your rescue comes ePayLater. The perfect platform for those who cannot shell out money immediately, the platform helps such users by booking their tickets through the website, which also provides the liberty to pay after 14 days. Moreover, if the flight tickets are too expensive, one can even book Tatkal tickets within seconds.
It combines the best of convenience and ease in payment methods to make credit available at both online and offline point-of-sale. It offers credit at point of sale to fulfill needs of individuals both for personal consumption, as well as to support self-owned business. In a nutshell, this product not only removes the hassle of entering credit card details repeatedly but also allows consumers to buy items in bulk and settle the payment when they have time on their hands. 
Next Article: This telehealth program offers hope for diabetics
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